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AJ 19.10.23: Power Out of Restriction

AJ 19.10.23: Power Out of Restriction


Power Out of Restriction (POoR) is part of a wider ecology of collectives and grassroots groups doing things differently. POoR has already made an important impact on the profession as a burgeoning, socially-minded organisation focused on getting young people’s voices heard. They know that young people hold great power and creativity, despite so often being marginalised or restricted – and that out of this restriction can emerge viewpoints and approaches that we should all pay heed to.

In POoR's AJ takeover issue they platform emerging built environment practitioners, shine a spotlight on initiatives such as the forward-thinking People’s Pavilion by Beyond The Box, and provide examples of some of the latest youth-focused buildings in the UK.

They also look at the importance of mentoring with POoR's mentor Neil Onions, current changemakers in the architecture profession and the hottest grassroots organisations. In news, they set about demystifying the term co-design, the newest piece of architectural jargon on the block. 

This special issue features contributions from Nana Biamah-OfosuShamiso Oneka, RESOLVE Collective, Hamza Shaikh and Xcessive Aesthetics, among many others.